Interior Design Course Reviews

Mariana Gorra Devars


My experience with the Interior Design Course was great. It presented me with the opportunity and motivation to get involved in interior design, which is a passion of mine.

Space and how we live and experience that space has always been one of my interests, so I studied architecture for my Bachelor's degree. 

The Interior Design Course was a great reminder of the bases for design and allowed me to dive deep and connect with my inner designer. It let me learn and explore in a safe environment with different ideas and design proposals. 

During the course, you get to practice what you have learnt and engage with a friend or client and come up with a proposal for a real space. 

As part of the curriculum, you will learn about the principles of design, mood boards and portfolios. What I appreciated the most about this course is that you also learned about engaging with clients and how to go about the fees and setting up the business, which is a very important and useful skill to have.

I believe that if you are interested in improving the daily life of others by helping them to create a harmonious space around them, you will find this course very helpful. 

Penny Sharp


Firstly I would like to thank the team at IDI, the student support team. I would also like to thank Sophie Seeger, my tutor for her great and helpful feedback on all the modules

When I first started this course I was unsure how I was going to get through it with working full time and take on the study, plus being a mother of three. However, through the support of my tutor and the fact that the course has been designed so that you can work on it at your own pace, after 12 months I was able to complete my Diploma. During my time studying, I was pleased to learn that the modules are easy to download and submit and very user-friendly and that they have been written in understandable content.

I totally loved this course as it worked with my busy lifestyle because it is self-placed and I was able to work on it around the children.

I feel I have learned a world of knowledge through this course and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in an Interior Design Career.

I have always had a passion for Interior design and I have always found myself involved in the industry, and now with the experience and knowledge I have gained from the Interior Design Institute Diploma I feel 100% ready to start my own interior design business.

Once again Thank you IDI for making my dream a possibility.


Nikki Astwood


I studied interior design online with The Interior Design Institute and absolutely loved the experience. I was working full time, and it was a super convenient way to be able to fit study into my schedule, I loved the flexibility!

The course is easy to follow and provides a great base of information that can be applied to many different roles. I have since started my own photography and design business, where I apply many of the elements I learned in the course.

I have also collaborated with IDI on a number of occasions to produce imagery for their course content. Would highly recommend it. Thank you!


Carina Ferguson


For anyone interested in interior design and who wants the flexibility of studying from home, I would highly recommend this course. Being able to set how slowly or quickly I worked through each module while looking after young children and part-time work, was really ideal.

The 12 modules are really interesting and fun. I thoroughly enjoyed each module, and on the instances that I needed advice, the support from my tutor and the IDI Facebook group was invaluable. By working through this course you get to work on and start refining your style and creativity. It was a great creative outlet!

Donna Stringer

Whangarei Heads

My love for interior design has always been strong, I went looking for a course to do that I would be able to afford and when I stumbled across The Interior Design Institute, I knew it was the perfect course for me. As it was not only affordable, but it is also self-paced therefore being able to fit my study time in around a busy life!

The 12 modules provide an array of interesting information over a wide source of topics which gave me new skills and significant insight into the interior design world. My tutor, Bronwyn, successfully helped me every step of the way with fast communication, prompt marking and supplying me with constructive criticism to help me excel.

The Facebook group is also such a helpful resource with previous and current students of IDI from all over the world, coming together to help each other by showing examples of their work and providing supportive feedback on your work. When you are struggling someone will always be there to assist you through the course whether it be your tutor or the student support. It is such a wonderful community to be a part of.

Whether you want to study interior design just to further your knowledge or you want to know what goes into setting up your own business to become a freelance interior designer, this course will be perfect for you! I have thoroughly enjoyed this course and I hope you will too!


Lucy Furniss


The Interior Design Institute was a great choice of study for me. It was enjoyable from start to finish. Studying online made it very easy for me to still work full time and study at night without me needing to be anywhere at any particular time and it meant I work it all around my busy lifestyle.

The student support was a great tool to be able to use at any time and I loved being able to communicate with my tutor Ali. I always received a fast reply to any questions I had and I always felt as though they had my best interest at heart. They were very encouraging which made me want to do my very best as I wanted to keep that appreciation level.

Even though I have already been working in the industry for 6 years now, I still learned a lot and feel a lot more confident with my work. Being able to come away with work I can add to my portfolio is great also.

I would recommend this course to anyone that is interested in Interior Design. It gives you a true taste for what interior designing involves and you will learn whether this is the industry is for you or not.

I work for Resene as the Waikato and Coromandel Colour Consultant and love my job. A few of the other colour consultants have also done this course and it is well recognised within our company. It is all you need as a qualification to get into the industry.

If there was any other study to be offered by this institute I wouldn't think twice about signing up to it, I loved every minute of it. In fact, I actually miss the excitement of finding out what the next assignment is.



Stephen John Prosser


Having recently purchased my first home which was in need of 'sprucing up' I decided to go online for ideas and inspiration. During my research, I came across The Interior Design Institute and was instantly hooked!

I had not studied for over twenty years and was a little hesitant at first, however, after reading the prospectus I felt at ease with the fact I could study and learn at my own pace – more importantly, I was able to study something which was going to be of personal interest and I could put into practice what I was learning pretty much straight away.

The modules were varied, informative and very user friendly. My tutor was fantastic, extremely helpful and on hand to provide advice and guidance as I needed it.

I had often considered a career in Interior Design but always thought it either too hard to get into or really didn’t know where to start. My confidence and skills have increased immensely since studying for this Diploma and I have a new outlook on the future – not to mention my house which is now looking pretty fantastic!

I would definitely recommend this course to those decorating or renovating a property and those looking for a career in Interior Design.

Since completing the course I have started an Interior Design company on the Kapiti Coast – SPINC Interior Design. I am starting off small, making contacts and fitting this sideline business in with my current commitments however my dreams and aspirations definitely have a new focus.

Thank you IDI for making it possible for me to get to this stage.

Shanae Laurie


I thoroughly enjoyed studying interior design online through the Interior Design Institute. I loved how this course was extremely flexible as I was also able to work part-time. With the knowledge I gained from the course I was able to put my skills to practice by helping renovate our kitchen and other areas of our home.

The 12 modules were easy to follow, filled with a range of interesting information and the assignments were so much fun. One of the highlights for me was building my portfolio with all my achievements, this has given me more confidence for my future in the interior design industry. My favourite part of the course was learning to create mood boards, sample boards and material boards I can’t wait to start creating more.

My tutor Bronwyn James was amazing, if I had any questions she didn’t hesitate to help and she also gave great feedback on all of my assignments. I found the Facebook IDI group page very helpful, if I needed assistance with any of my modules everyone was willing to help, share their ideas and give feedback.

I would recommend this course to anyone who is wanting to start a career in interior design or just an interest or hobby. Good luck and enjoy!!!

Lian Bruce


I was an Early Childhood Education Teacher when our girls were little. After years of courses at the university, I obtained my Bachelor's degree in Teaching and taught English at Secondary and Tertiary schools. But, when my daughters graduated, I felt I had ‘been there and done that and needed a change as well….

I have always had a ‘knack’ and a passion for Interior Design, so when I saw IDI’s advertisement in House and Garden for an online course, I thought; ”that’s me!”.

I really enjoyed studying the modules at my own pace and they were always assessed within a few days. I particularly liked ‘The History of Design’ module, as it jogged my memory on the different genres. ‘Styles of Design’, however, taught me how to speak the “design – language” fluently, which enables me to communicate with clients accurately.

I learnt new skills such as making sample boards, floor plans and perspective drawings online. These tools are of great value when making a presentation for clients. The course gave me enough confidence to start my own business, called Ideas.

The modules are still a great reference tool for me and I appreciate the follow-up service of the Interior Design Institute. They do not only continue to include me with updates on upcoming workshops, events and trips in the design industry but my tutor, Ali, is also most helpful with any questions I have regarding setting up my business.

Thank you IDI, for the great knowledge you share and the valuable support you give!...

Katie Hazelton


Out of all of the education options, I am so glad I chose to learn interior design through IDI!

Since doing this course, I have had a couple of interior related meetings with professionals for personal projects, and it was amazing how much I understood what they were saying, and how much of it was what we learnt in the course.

Every module was fascinating and well linked, seeing it all come together in a portfolio, in the end, was definitely a proud achievement! I certainly feel much more confident and equipped to get into the industry and put into practice everything I have learned.

Sarah Jackson


I thoroughly enjoyed the diploma and I'm so glad I did it. This was the first qualification I have attempted online and found my tutor and student support to be very helpful. I looked forward to each module which was easy to read, up to date and relevant, with great visuals along the way. I have since developed more confidence in making and trusting my own creative decisions.

Just before embarking on the diploma I started renovating the interior of my 1930s character home and craved the support of an interior designer to help me. A few people attempted i.e. designers from interiors shops and an ex design student from elsewhere, but it all fell short. No one was prepared to sell their services to me and I had no idea what it all looked like. I decided to study the subject instead. I was so impressed with module 10 in particular 'Working with Clients'. I feel confident now to sell my services as a designer and talk numbers. I'm motivated to be the supportive and loyal designer I was so desperately craving and now have the tools and structure to achieve this.

Rachel Rogers-Moloney


Property and Interior Design have been a huge passion of mine for many many years and when I found this course I couldn't wait to start! It is practical and provides a fantastic way to learn. My Tutor was fantastic at marking my assignments and responding to messages quickly and provided highly valuable constructive feedback along my journey.

The Facebook group of global students you can connect with is great for asking questions about which tools to purchase, and for a bit of comfort and support when you come up against assignments you are struggling with. It's also pretty cool to see just how global this course is. Don't hesitate to sign up for this course, you will love it !!

Deborah Couchman


I loved my introduction to Interior Design through the Interior Design Institute - The modules were comprehensive and clearly laid out, the assignments were challenging but were extremely practical and I gained valuable skills and knowledge that will be beneficial when I enter the industry.

My tutor Sophie was amazing, coursework was marked promptly with supportive comments and feedback that assisted me as I progressed through the course.

It was great to be able to work at my own pace online and fit my studies around my family commitments - I can't recommend this course highly enough to those who have an interest in interior design who want to take their understanding the next level.

Stacey Hurrell


I have thoroughly enjoyed studying Interior Design through the Interior Design Institute. I have always been interested in home interiors but didn't know if it was something I wanted to study full time through a Uni or Tech. This course has been great for me, I have been able to work full time whilst studying a passion of mine.

I have learnt so much from the modules, as well as from my tutor. I now feel confident with the skills and knowledge I have and have the option to either start my own business or work for somebody else. I would highly recommend this course to anybody with an interest in Interior Design, whether it's for a career purpose or for your own enjoyment!

Phillip Andrew Chan


After deciding to have a change of career late last year I came to the decision that I would look into interior design. After searching Google I came across the Interior Design Institute. After careful thought, I took the plunge and I'm so glad I did. This course was not only enjoyable and challenging but I also had great support from my tutor and from other fellow students via the Facebook page.

I enjoyed it so much that I managed to finish the course in just over 5 months. I highly recommend this to anyone who is thinking about interior design as a career path to do this course. As for me I would like to do the advanced kitchen and bathroom course but will also look for employment in this exciting industry.

Jocelyn Rodrigues


This course was great, as was my tutor Sophie. The course material covered vast topics and kept me interested. I feel like I have so much more knowledge of Interior Design now. I especially enjoyed the modules concerning clients and building your own business. Sophie was a great tutor and always suggested readings and websites for me. It's very personalised and as interactive as you want it to be. Overall, a wonderful course. I would highly recommend for those interested in Interior Design.

Charlotte Pearl


I could not recommend the course that the Interior Design Institute provides enough!! The modules throughout are extremely comprehensive and provide you with the fundamental knowledge needed whether it's as a hobby to perhaps style your own home or to enter the exciting journey as an interior designer as a career.

I personally completed the course just shy of a year while working a full-time job and found this comfortably doable so it is possible to chase your dreams while not having to give up your current daytime job.

The tutors who provide you with unconditional support throughout the course are amazing and am so thankful for the encouragement and advice personally given to me while completing each module.

If you're contemplating whether to take the plunge like I did, don't put it off for another day. There's no time like the present and you won't regret it!!

Clara MacKinlay


I have thoroughly enjoyed my time doing this course. It has taught me a lot from every different aspect of Interior Design. The modules are laid out perfectly and give you a tonne of information that is all very handy!

The assignments are so much fun to do and I found them quite addictive. I feel like I have definitely gained enough knowledge to be able to start my career in the industry and I'm very excited too! This course has made my passion for Interior Design so much bigger than it was, even though I already loved Interior Design when I started.

It has proved to me that this is where my passion lies. I would also highly recommend this course for anyone wanting to renovate their house or do a few little jobs here and there. It will teach you all that you need to know, from lighting to space planning to art and decor placement. Again, I have thoroughly enjoyed my time doing this course and cannot recommend it enough!

Thea Wild


Having been involved in various areas of design for years I found that I was drawn to Interior Design and together with a friend started a hand-painted textile and interior business.

I felt that a formal interior design qualification would help in growing the business as well as my confidence. Signing up for the IDI Diploma was the best decision that I could have made. The modules are well set out and loaded with practical and detailed information on every aspect of Interior Design. As I progressed through the course I was able to apply the knowledge in my business and it has made a huge difference. Not just in the product that I am now able to offer my clients, but also in having the confidence of sharing my ideas from a point of knowledge.

My tutor Kim Lane was fantastic. Her guidance and advice were incredibly helpful and added so much value to the outcome. I cannot recommend this diploma highly enough. I was able to study at my own pace and even though I run my own business, which could be a handful - completing the course was so much fun and not daunting at all. To quote Richard Branson "Just do it!" Thank you IDI

Vanessa Louise Martin


An inspiring journey in Interior Design and I loved every minute of it.

There are 12 clever modules which lead you through the process of learning all the skills and secrets that make a good Interior Designer's work look effortless. It is a well set up online course, with an easy to navigate website which meant I was able to work at my own pace and enjoy the process of learning without any pressure or worry.

I had wonderful unfailing support from my tutor who was on hand to guide me through any challenges. She provided good constructive criticism and positive feedback that boosted my confidence, making this one of the most enjoyable courses I have ever undertaken.

I would highly recommend the Interior Design Institute to anyone who is considering interior design as a career or who just wants to create beautiful harmonious spaces in their own home.

If you are considering it, I say go for it, you won't regret it.

After all.......Every Day is a Design Day.

Tania Michelle Curtin


I have thoroughly enjoyed studying for my Diploma of Interior Design with The Interior Design Institute. I would highly recommend the course to others. Whether you want to enter the industry, are in the industry and want to learn more, or even if you just want to gain a sound understanding of design principles to enhance your own home, you will benefit from this course!

Ever since I was a child I've been obsessed with design and architecture. I remember when I was young, following my parents around show homes and showrooms collecting floor plans, paint charts, brochures and finish samples. The passion has stayed with me through the years and I finally decided to take the leap and study Interior Design. After thoroughly researching the courses available I chose to study with IDI and I'm pleased I did!

Being a mother and also working, I found the flexible self-paced format suited me perfectly. Studying online was surprisingly simple and the system was flawless. It was an incredibly convenient and easy way to learn.

I really appreciated being assigned a personal tutor who is a qualified professional, actually working in the industry. She was a fountain of real-world knowledge and advice. She provided me with excellent guidance throughout the course and promptly answered my questions (of which I sent her many!). My assignments were always marked quickly and her comments provided valuable feedback and constructive criticism. I cannot praise my tutor highly enough.

The course thoroughly covered every aspect of design, enabling me to develop a wide range of knowledge and skills. There is so much more to Interior Design than I realised and I've learned a vast amount during my study. The assignments have prepared me for dealing with clients in the real world and applying what I have learned. Feeling confident and well prepared I'm now ready to dive into any project.

I'm now looking forward to joining a reputable home building company in Christchurch and utilising my skills to contribute to the rebuild.

Thanks IDI for creating a fantastic Diploma and helping me turn my dreams into reality!

Carol Alloway


My eyes have been opened to the wonderful world of architecture and design and its history. The modules were exciting, easy to follow and I enjoyed the freedom to study at a time that suited me.

During the completion of this course there has been a massive improvement in the style and layout of my own home just by using my new-found knowledge of the elements and principles of design; colour, light, texture and proportion were easy to implement without spending heaps on decorating (although that's to come!).

I have surprised myself with my own achievement. I am now confident in myself and my ability to succeed and I can't thank my tutor enough for all her encouragement and constructive criticism which has helped me to grow and broaden my decorating horizons.

After a career in hospitality and a desire to change direction, I now feel enlightened and equipped with all the necessary tools to move forward and start up my own business. Thank you IDI!

Aimee Jade Waterhouse


IDI has changed my life! I have never really known where I wanted to go with my career, all I knew was that I loved design and anything to do with it. Before I jumped into a huge degree at uni I decided to look around for a diploma I could do that fit into my busy lifestyle. I found IDI on Google and after reading all the testimonials, I decided to give it ago. 8 months later I am in love with Interior Design and have even enrolled to further my study in architectural design!

The modules were well written, interesting and covered everything you need to know to start a career or expand your knowledge in Interior Design. I get comments from my clients all the time about all the knowledge I have! It's a real compliment and makes you feel great that the diploma has really helped.

My tutor was lovely. She always marked my assignments promptly and her constructive criticism really boosted my confidence.

With all the knowledge I have learned at IDI, it has helped me step up into my role as a Design consultant for a top flooring company. I hope to one day run my own business in design.

This course is very highly recommended! Big thanks to the Team at IDI, thanks for helping me find my dream!

Deborah Sylvester


My love for interiors started at a young age. Hours were spent in my dolls house as a child. However, actual dolls were not welcome in the house as they simply were a burden and did nothing more than to mess up the well-designed spaces!

After seeing IDI’s advertisement in the newspaper one day I pondered about what should stop me from pursuing a dream job in interior design. I thank friends who recognised my creative flair and passion for interiors and encouraged me to undertake this course. I’m so glad I did.

I was SO excited to start this course. Going back to part-time study felt like a real stretch and honestly felt risky to be assessed on something you really care about. But my tutor, Ali, was helpful and encouraging, skillfully guiding me through each module and assignment. Having such a skilled and trained professional work alongside you is a definite confidence booster not to mention a great privilege.

Online study suited my lifestyle perfectly and made this course achievable for me. My printed modules are now volumes on my bookshelf which continue to be a helpful reference and resource, and it is with great pride and a sense of achievement that I look on my framed Diploma Certificate.

A lot of personal significance was gained for me and I believe this course and the knowledge I’ve gained has given me the confidence to take my myself and my passion for interiors more seriously.

Only 6 weeks after completing the course I engaged my very first client company and interior design project and I love that there are now future prospects of working in my passion as paid skilled employment.

Thanks to the team at IDI who have provided this course, support and qualification and who continue to include me in a network of updates on upcoming workshops, events and trips in the design industry...

Terri Mihaljevich

Bay of Plenty

My passion for interior design has always been strong, and it has always been in the back of my mind to do something to turn this passion into my job. Finding the Interior Design Institute’s online course was the start I needed.

As I was about to start the course, I was apprehensive, that I would struggle with the course (my own self-doubts). My fears were immediately removed - the course information is excellent, well written, interesting, and the student support is excellent. My tutor was absolutely brilliant, and nothing was ever a problem. Communication was fast, and even the constructive criticism from an assignment, made you feel really good. It was great that you have a year to do the course at your own pace – I completed the course in 6 months and it has been an absolute pleasure to do. I would highly recommend online study - freedom to study when you want to, and not having to worry about child care or transport, is fantastic.

The Interior Design Institute course is really a great thing - it has allowed me the confidence and knowledge to start my own freelance Interior Design business.

I always felt I had the basic instincts and passion for Interior Design, but the course has now given me the actual tools and systems and solutions and understanding, to put all this into a working business; and that is the key for me. I am currently working on setting up my Interior Design business, and it will launch with excitement and enjoyment very soon.

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